The Community Development Scheme (CDS) is designed to facilitate community-based infrastructural development in construction, rehabilitation and maintenance works through the engagement and utilization of the unemployed on a temporary basis. The approach employs labor-intensive methods supported with appropriate light equipment.

The strategy involves the collaboration of the NDE with local authorities, establishments, organizations, target communities, etc. in the execution of such projects. The projects are funded through the provision of materials by the host communities while the NDE provide hand-tools, cost of labour and technical expertise.


  • To utilize the abundant manpower resources in executing public infrastructure works
  • To enable the unemployed, obtain transient jobs while acquiring new skills and trade experiences


  • Road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance works
  • Irrigation works
  • Social services including the building of schools, provision of boreholes, potable water supply etc.
  • Environmental protection works, etc.

Target Beneficiaries:
Skilled and unskilled members of the host communities

As long as the identified projects last