The Agricultural Park is an all-inclusive agribusiness cluster that is a hub of commercial activities offering training and agritourism.

The park creates a favourable environment for entrepreneurship offering capacity building (training, incubation, mentorship, technical & business support), pre-developed business plans, start-up capital and access to market. The Park promotes technology adoption and the commercialization of products of research and development and generates mass employment.

There is a paradigm shift from production orientation focused on subsistence by local farmers to market orientation focused on local economic development and higher value addition. Hence the Park is provided with shared facilities (infrastructure, equipment and machineries). The cluster model of complimentary small enterprises created at the Park gain competitive strength from the close buy-sell relationships, utilization of common technologies and facilities for production and value addition,  better access to trained and experienced employees, suppliers, specialized information and public goods, as well as the critical motivating force of customer demand derived from a strategic business model that is built on products in high demand with guaranteed markets that have already been linked to off-takers.

Target beneficiaries are unemployed graduates and non-graduates with a passion for agriculture. They receive start-up capital and are supervised to establish their agribusinesses while undergoing a month experiential training concurrently to build  their capacity for the successful management of their technology-driven and innovative small-scale agribusinesses. The new enterprises provide hands-on demonstrations that reinforce the tutorials. Also instituted is a well-articulated mentorship programme, management & consulting services with a robust technical and extension layer support to build the needed competencies that will ensure the success of the agribusinesses. The beneficiaries will exit the Park facilities after three (3) years.

The project has been established at two locations; Akunnu, Akoko North LGA, Ondo State and Sabuwa, Sabuwa LGA, Katsina State.