The Women Employment Branch was established in 1991 with the mandate to ensure full and equal participation of women in the four main programme of the Directorate, Small Scale Enterprise, Special Public Work and the Rural Enterprise Promotion Programmes.


  • To initiate and implement gender specific scheme/activities that provides direct delivery assistance to women of diverse background.
  • To identify factors that militates against the full participation of women in programmes the Directorate.
  • To liaise with women organizatione.g Government and non-governmental that are involved in gender specific programmes.
  • Any issue that is of interest to gender mainstreaming and development.

Over the years, the branch has focused its activities through the women associations and cooperative societies. The women Employment Branch has concentrated on training of women in income generating activities such as Food Processing, Basic Business Management skills acquisition, Cosmetology, Bead Making, Tye and Dye, AdireShoes and Bag Making, Fashion Design, Catering, Spices production, Packaging, Interior decoration, Hat Making to mention but a few.