The Procurement Department is set up for the purpose of implementing its procurement plans for the delivery of public goods, works and services usually through a third party (contractor).

Functions of Procurement Department

The Procurement Department shall:

(a)Advertise and solicit for bids in compliance with guidelines issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement from time to time.

(b) Receive and maintain appropriate documentation for bids received.

(c) Examination and evaluation of bids received.

(d) Obtaining a certificate of “No Objection” to Contract Award from the Bureau of Public Procurement and making submission to the entities of Tender Board.

(e) Debrief the bid losers on request.

(f) Resolve complaints and dispute if any.

(g) Obtain and confirm the validity of any performance guarantee.

(h) Announce and publicize Contract Awards.

(i) Execute all Contract Agreements.